13th Age: Spending Your Hard Earned GP

Age of Ideas: Character BackgroundsI recently heard someone say that they really wish that there was more to spend their gold they gather in the dungeons they delve into. I figured I’d post a few things that I thought would be good way to spend your money.

Armor (Average Quality, Decorative)
This armor is just as effective as average quality armor, but is either inlaid with a crest made with a metal of a different color, intricately carved with designs, or has some other feature that enhances its appearance. This is a status symbol. Crafters will only make armor with such a symbol for those that are apart of that organization. So a Captain of the Emperor’s Personal Guard can have the Emperor’s crest emblazoned on her plate armor. Meanwhile an orc fighting for the High Elf will want the symbol for being a friend to elves on his leather armor.
Leather 25 gp
Studded Leather 45 gp
Scale 100 gp
Half-plate 135 gp
Plate 200 gp
Shield 15 gp

Instead of renting the services of a local for a day or two, why not buy your own cart or ship to travel around the the area.
Carriage 75 gp
Cart 10 gp
Galley 30,000 gp
Keelboat 3,000 gp
Longship 10,000 gp
Rowboat 30 gp
Oar 1 gp
Sailing ship 10,000 gp
Sled 15 gp
Wagon 20 gp
Warship 25,000 gp

I’ll post more later as I think of them.

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Published by Dale McCoy

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