Traveller: Smart Guns

I saw a report recently about smart guns and how they are work. It was pretty cool. A thought I had about them shortly after the report was: why aren’t they in Traveller. So I’m adding them as an option. Here goes:

New Equipment Option

Smart Firearm (TL 8+). At the time of manufacturing, any firearm can become a smart gun. This prevents the gun from firing unless the designated person is holding the gun. At lower tech levels (TL 8-10), this represents a bracelet, ring or similar object being worn by the wielder that must be within 30 centimeters of the firearm. At higher tech levels (TL 10+), this represents DNA encoding to make sure the holder of the weapon is the designated person. When an authorized user of a Smart Firearm is deactivated, a new user normally must wait one minute before being activated. This modification triples the cost of the weapon.

New Skill Uses

Gun Combat
Activating a user on a smart firearm: Education, 10-60 seconds, Easy
Activating a user on a smart firearm within 1 minute of a user being deactivated: Education, 10-60 seconds, Difficult
Making a smart firearm think the current user is the authorized user: Education, 1-6 seconds, Very Difficult.

What do you think?

One thought on “Traveller: Smart Guns

  1. Well, they are Safe Guns, but not sure a high tech safety makes it a Smart Gun. To me a Smart Gun is one that does most of the work of targeting and/or shooting. Datalinks make Smart Guns, what you have here is a Safe Gun, or so I treat it. Still nice to see some nifty weapons tech, safety is good.

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