13th Age: Even More Awesome Wallpaper

Reign of Ruin Wallpaper Widescreen 2With the Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin adventure coming out next week, I wanted to share with you the amazing cover art. Download it today and make it your computer’s wallpaper.

Front and center is Nyrionaxys II as well as two of her lizardmen attacking the Mistlevy Docks. Defending the town are our four signature characters (we will talk about them more another time). Inside this amazing 4th-level, 13th Age adventure is more than 20 new monsters and 6 full color maps bringing the adventure to life for you and your group. We are really excited about this adventure and we hope you enjoy it in your game.

Download this wallpaper in widescreen or in standard screen sizes. If you would like this in phone or tablet sizes as well, please let us know.

Share this wallpaper to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and anywhere else you like.

Download the Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin for 13th Age at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and d20PFSRD.

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