Traveller: More d66 Lists?

Hey Traveller fans,

I got a request recently for more d66 lists. Do you want to see more? If so, tell us what additional lists would you like to see? Sure we can do more ship names, more planet names, more robot names, but us that what you are looking for? Or would you rather see more lists like “reasons why your communication/sensors systems are not working” or “robot’s current instructions” where they provide a reason for things happening. Is there any category that is not covered well by existing lists that you want to see done? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and vote in the poll.

6 thoughts on “Traveller: More d66 Lists?

  1. D66 Reasons why things go south.

    D66 Times JOT really works.

    D66 Times JOT really fails.

    D66 Things that happened, didn’t happen and should have, happened but shouldn’t have, while you were in Jump.

  2. I don’t see a poll, but I vote YES! The D66 are handy little tools to have tucked away in one’s back pocket (so to speak). As for topics — nothing immediately comes to mind that I gotta have, but the JOT rolls could be good ones. I’m sure whatever you come up with to be worthy of consideration. I already own both Compendiums (via DTRPG), but a third one would be great! Do you have a “Misheard Communications?” You thought they said “these words” but what they said (or meant) was “THOSE words”! Or 66 things your food dispenser will ONLY make after “someone” tinkered with it? Or do you have 66 Unusual Smells coming from inside your space suit? Hahahaha!

  3. Can’t find the poll either, plus Jack of all Trades is JoaT, not JOT, but yes! More D66 lists!

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