Traveller: Terran Hypercycle G/Bike

Its been a while since I posted a new vehicle for Traveller and I thought. Since I discussed on the TravellerRPG forums about possibly working on the Solomani Worlds, I thought I’d make a vehicle and see how much interest there is such a territory.

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Name Terran Hypercycle G/Bike
TL 15
Skill Flyer (grav)
Agility +6
Speed (Cruise) Supersonic (Subsonic)
Range (Cruise) 5,000 km (7,500 km)
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Cargo 0 ton
Hull 2
Shipping 0.5 tons
Cost Cr. 196,000
Autopilot (Advanced), Communication System (Advanced), Computer/5, Control Systems (Advanced), Entertainment System, Open Frame, Sensors (Advanced), Streamlined

Autopilot (skill level) 3
Communications (range) 1,000 km
Navigation (Navigation DM) +4
Sensors (Electronics (sensors) DM) +2, 25 km
Camouflage (Recon DM)
Stealth (Electronics (sensors) DM)

Front 4
Rear 4
Sides 4

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