Traveller: Formula Infinity G/Racer

Vehicular sports have been around since long before the days of Ben Hur, and there is absolutely no reason to think why they won’t exist in far future. So when I set out to make some vehicles for the Solomani Rim, I wanted to make some racers that had a connection to Earth. That is the seed of inspiration behind Formula Infinity.

There was just one problem: Earth (or Terra, as it is known in the Traveller timeline) is under Imperial occupation. So while writing it up for our upcoming book Solomoni Worlds: Vehicles from the Rim, we had to create how the racing organization adapted to life under occupation as well as how some racing locations are now under the other side of a border. This vehicle not only creates and organization but also plot hooks concerning when racers cross the border.

Of course you can play a vehicle racer. Download the Foreven World’s Careers: Beyond the Claw and play an athlete of any stripe including a speeding racer. Download it exclusively at DriveThruRPG.

Name Formula Infinity G/Racer
TL 13
Skill Flyer (grav)
Agility +5
Speed (Cruise) Hypersonic (Supersonic)
Range (Cruise) 8,000 km (12,000 km)
Crew 1
Passengers 0
Cargo 0 ton
Hull 7
Shipping 1.5 tons
Cost Cr. 1,085,500
Communication System (Advanced, Increased Range), Control Systems (Advanced), Ejection Seat, Increased Fuel Capacity, Increased Fuel Efficiency, Increased Hull, Increased Speed, Sensors (Advanced, Increased Fidelity, Increased Range (2)), Streamlined

Autopilot (skill level)
Communications (range) 10,000 km
Navigation (Navigation DM)
Sensors (Electronics (sensors) DM) +3, 2,500 km
Camouflage (Recon DM)
Stealth (Electronics (sensors) DM)

Front 4
Rear 4
Sides 4

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