Traveller: Corona del Rey

It would be fair to say that 2020 really threw me off my game. April of last year, we posted the deck plan of a ship on Instagram, saying that it was coming soon, and I did not get back to it the rest of the year. It was not just this ship; there are several other projects we’ve nearly completed that went unfinished once the pandemic hit. So in the new year, the first thing I am doing is finishing up projects that are in such a state, starting with the Corona del Rey.

The Corona del Rey or the King’s Crown in English is one of the most common transports in the former Torres Monarchy of Alespron Subsector/Foreven. Even though its government is subverted and its territory was taken over by the Zhodani Consulate, the Corona del Rey-class of transports still fly in this region of space. If anything, the region being subjugated has caused this class of ship to spread farther afield as those that do not want to be under Consulate rule make their way across the stars.

At 650 tons, this class of ship is perfect for a group of travellers looking to trade up from a standard Free Trader or a Subsidised Merchant. Not only that, it is used to being in the lawless backwater that is the Foreven Sector and features considerably better armor than either of those ships. The stock version has only a single weapon on each of the four pop-up turrets, but that is one of the first upgrades new owners make to this class of ship. It is rare to find a used Corona del Rey without better weapons.

This will be available soon at DriveThruRPG, once our editors sign off on it. Check out all of our Traveller titles at DriveThruRPG today.

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