Traveller: Grav Belt Variations

Grav belts are a staple of Traveller, but their style is dated, if we are totally honest. They belong in a time where Kyle MacLachlin, Sir Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow, and company were resisting the bloody Baron Harkonnen. It seems antiquated in a day and age where kids have a wheel in their shoe to skate across the floor or have “hoverboards.” Let’s talk about a few variations that deliver on the same idea that are more “modern.”

Gravplatform (TL 12)

Measuring just over a meter square, a grav platform is designed to transport a person a relatively short distance compared to a vehicle. It is useful for everyone from construction personnel needing to get up to high places to homeowners wanting to get on top of their roof. Controls involve a series of foot gestures and adjusting how you shift your weight. Operating time is 1 hour, and it allows a user to stay airborne at Idle speed.
Cost Cr. 1,000

G/Shoes (TL 14)

Tiny gravity repulsers embedded in shoes allow teenagers to take to the sky. Intuitive controls let them walk up a flight of stairs that don’t exist or skip down a street without touching the pavement. Their altitude is limited to 5 meters, and they descend to a gentle landing before the battery runs out. The kinetic motion of walking on the ground provides a small amount of recharge, making exercise fun and rewarding. Operating time is around two hours before needing to recharge. Maximum speed: Idle.
Cost Cr. 500

G/Board (TL 13)

For the ultimate thrill, grab yourself a g/board and jump off the highest mountain. With nothing between you and the atmosphere, you will descend to the ground at incredible speeds feeling the ultimate rush as you near 700 kph. The holographic HUD projects in front of the user’s eyes, helping them find the perfect path through any canyon, mountain range, or urban skyscape. With the magnetic locks, your feet will always stay connected to your g/board, ensuring you have a safe landing. The emergency autopilot takes over should some kind of medical incident occur during a flight. No matter the location, the G/Board is one hell of an adrenaline rush. Max speed: Very Fast. Operating time: 4 hours.
Cost Cr. 500,000

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