5e: Gate Chalk

So in my personal game, I am looking at my players travelling to the planes in upcoming adventures. Spells to travel the planes are not low level ones and the group only has one full caster. So to take them to the planes, I am making a new custom item for them. I don’t want them to jaunt over to the good planes whenever they get an ouchie, nor do I want them to have a few scrolls and that’s it. I want them to have something more creative. Enter this new item: gate chalk.

The inspiration for this is sidewalk chalk and Roadrunner cartoons. Take a stick of that and draw on a surface and you can play hopscotch. Well, now imagine if you can just draw yourself a gate to another dimension. You know like how Wiley Coyote paints a picture of a tunnel and the roadrunner runs in, but then he can’t. That’s the same idea I am going for here.

Gate Chalk

Wondrous item, rare

A single stick of this chalk weighs a half-pound and is rainbow-colored. Using it to draw on a surface opens up a game to another plane. After spending 1 minute drawing on a surface, the drawing glows for a moment and a gate opens. This gate lasts for 1 minute and then it reverts back to a regular chalk drawing.

The location you emerge onto the new plane—including which plane you emerge onto—depends on the drawer’s familiarity with the location. Once the drawing is complete, the DM rolls a d100 and consults the table. See the teleport spell for a description of each, with Mishap including wildly divergent planes.

FamiliarityMishapSimilar PlaneOff TargetOn Target
Permanent Circle01-100
Very Familiar01-0506-1314-2425-100
Seen Casually01-3334-4344-5354-100
Viewed Once/Desciption01-4344-5354-7374-100
False destination01-5051-100

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3 thoughts on “5e: Gate Chalk

  1. I love this idea! I think I’m going to integrate a “chalk zone” item of my own into a campaign! Thank you for this.

  2. I will add this to my table, now I have multiple kinds of magic chalk. . . “Portal Chalk” has a red end and a blue end and is marbled in the middle. It has ten uses, each use is expended when a red circle and blue circle have both been drawn within 500′ of each other, and the link between circles lasts one minute or until a new portal has been drawn.

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