Traveller: 3 Reasons to Include Ultra High Tech

Giving players some ultra high technology is controversial. That tech shouldn’t be easily available but they’re players and should have access to the cool stuff. It can be game breaking or game defining. While both sides have a valid argument, I come down in the side of including it for several reasons.

1) It Makes For a Different Game

If you’ve played more than one campaign in Traveller where the plot could come straight out of Firefly, they start to feel overly familiar. Break out if the rut with a campaign where everyone has some cool ultra high tech. If it is weapons that can me one heck of a mercenary campaign. Maybe it is a ship where you have to go off in search of a cure to a plague. Perhaps a device that makes people tell the truth and you’re charged with rooting out an insurrection. Inspire some wonder in mystery into your games with some wonder tech.

2) You’re Throwing in Some Chaos

Say you give them ultra high tech guns, do they always have to work? Maybe they won’t work if the wielder lies. It could require special maintenance that the players aren’t aware of and it breaks at a critical moment. No matter what, you can do something unexpected and throw in some chaos into your game.

3) It’s Fun and Memorable

Which weapon are you more likely to remember: just another body pistol or the gun that wraps around your body, suck some of your life energy, and utterly destroys a mech in a single shot? If you’re hurt and you know that firing that ultra high tech gun will leave you nearly unconscious, it’s a real decision whether or not to fire it. That is a game session that you will remember and it is one that the players will call fun.

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One thought on “Traveller: 3 Reasons to Include Ultra High Tech

  1. Blake’s & in a nutshell 🙂
    But basically they needed a ultra high tech vessel, because they were taking on an empire on their own.

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