Traveller: Mercenary Campaigns on the Rim

Games in the Solomani Rim are in a much more civilized region of space than the Spinward Marches. As such, games have less of a rough and tumble feel to them. Or do they? Here are three ways to run mercenary campaigns in the Solomani Rim.

1) Corporate Wars

Just because the governments in this region of space are peaceful doesn’t mean that the corporations are. Imagine McClown’s Restaurant blockading Burger Emperor’s farming planet because shortages will hurt that corporation’s expansion plans. Do you think Burger Emperor has a standing army? Heck no. They hire mercenaries.

2) Fighting Organized Crime

While they don’t have the Imperium’s strength and resources, organized crime can easily have enough weaponry to take a local police force, and it would hardly be surprising if they can take on a planet’s forces. Hiring mercenaries means the world can take on the crime syndicate.

3) Guarding Individuals

Influential people still need private security beyond what law enforcement can provide, especially when they feel their regular security has been compromised. Whether their adversaries include people looking to get rich quick, disagree with them politically, or are simply non-existent, hiring the Travellers to guard is some regular work.

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