All Lists in The d66 Compendium 2

Yesterday saw the release of the D66 Compendium 2 on Fantasy Grounds. We are thrilled to have such an awesome easily available for Traveller gamers to have access to all these tables in an easy to use format. We were asked if there is a listing of all the tables in the book. I looked and we had not posted that anywhere previously. That is a serious oversight on our part so let’s correct that now. Here are all the lists within, in order in which they appear.

Character Creation

  • Home Overview
  • Background Events
  • Agent Events
  • Army Events
  • Citizen Events
  • Drifter Events
  • Entertainer Events
  • Marine Events
  • Merchant Events
  • Navy Events
  • Noble Events
  • Prisoner Events
  • Psion Events
  • Rogue Events
  • Scholar Events
  • Scout Events
  • Life Events
  • Contact’s Main Use

Crime and the Law

  • Biometric Security Devices
  • Gambling Games
  • Criminal Hideouts
  • Famous Space Battles
  • Interstellar War Names
  • Military Base Names
  • Military Base’s Main Purpose
  • Pirate Bases
  • Scout Base Names
  • Prison Facility Names
  • Prison Inmate Nicknames
  • Narcotics/Recreational Drug Names
  • Things Customs Won’t Allow on Planet


  • Atmosphere Taints
  • Corrosive, Flammable and Insidious Atmospheres
  • Desert Names
  • Large Bodies of Water
  • Native Fruits
  • Disease Names
  • Reasons Why the Planet is Dead


  • Cargo Ship Names
  • Criminal Ship Names
  • Generational/Sleeper Ship Names
  • Medical Ship Names
  • Personal Spacecraft Names
  • Pirate Ship Names
  • Research Ship Names 1 and 2
  • Warship Names
  • Reasons Why the Ship is Crashed

Traveller Life

  • Escalations of a Panicked Crowd
  • Gossip About a Ruler or Noble
  • Mine Names
  • Planetary Bureaucracies
  • Spaceport City Names
  • Random Spaceport Events
  • Reasons for an Amber Travel Zone
  • Reasons for a Red Travel Zone
  • Reason Why the Starport is Closed
  • Reasons Why Your Ally Cannot Help Right Now
  • Ways Your Contact Was Killed
  • Medical Equipment
  • Things Stuck in the Pipes After Water Refueling
  • Local Fashion
  • Stores in a Spaceport
  • Pets (Common)
  • Pets (Uncommon)
  • Dog Breeds
  • Cat Breeds
  • Bird Breeds
  • Sports Team Names

Terra System

  • American Colony Names
  • American Warships
  • French Colony Names
  • French Warships
  • Chinese Warships (Capital Vowels are Long Pronunciation)
  • Luna City Names
  • Mars Cities and Places
  • Outer System Bases and Stations

Third Imperium

  • Aslan Male Names (Pronounced)
  • Aslan Female Names (Pronounced)
  • Darrian Male Names (Given, Pronounced)
  • Darrian Male Names (Chosen, Pronounced)
  • Darrian Female Names (Given, Pronounced)
  • Darrian Female Names (Chosen, Pronounced)
  • Darrian Last Names 1 & 2 (Pronounced)
  • Droyne Male Names (Pronounced)
  • Droyne Female Names (Pronounced)
  • K’Kree Male Names (Pronounced)
  • K’kree Female Names (Pronounced)
  • Vargr Male Names (Pronounced)
  • Vargr Female Names (Pronounced)
  • Vilani Male Names
  • Vilani Female Names
  • Vilani Family Names
  • Zhodani Male Names
  • Zhodani Female Names
  • Zhodani Family Names

Download the D66 Compendium 2 at the Fantasy Grounds Store. If you haven’t grabbed this book in PDF or in Print, do so now at DriveThruRPG.

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