PF1e: Thando Xolani

Earlier this year, we started sharing a new batch of signature characters. These new characters focused on humans and the human experience, helping us all see ourselves in our fantasy games. Today we want to share with you a new one. Allow me to introduce you to our new signature paladin.

Thando Xolani’s name means “Love and Peace.” Like most parents, Thando worked hard to provide a good life for his wife and kids. He missed his son’s first steps and his daughter’s first words; he was working at the time. He worked hard to send them to a good school. When a monster attacked the school, Thando and his wife were left childless. Thando swore vengeance upon the creature and prayed to any deity that would provide him the power to do so. Obhejane, the Stubborn One, deity of Strength, Persistence, and Loss answered. He and others that lost their children that day tracked down the monster and killed it. When he returned home, he and his wife found moving on difficult. Within a year, they separated. They still love each other, but they need time apart. Now a paladin of Obhejane, Thando rededicated his life to stop monsters from causing the pain that he endured and continues to endure.

Let us know if you are enjoying our new signature characters, and download our Pathfinder products at DriveThruRPG and the Open Gaming Store.

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