PF1e: Thando Xolani

Earlier this year, we started sharing a new batch of signature characters. These new characters focused on humans and the human experience, helping us all see ourselves in our fantasy games. Today we want to share with you a new one. Allow me to introduce you to our new signature paladin. Thando Xolani’s name meansContinue reading “PF1e: Thando Xolani”

Meet the Iconics: Runa Cloudsoles

There are many projects that I started long ago, got distracted from, and never got back to. One of them was introducing you to all our iconic characters. Well 2-1/2 years late is better than never, right? I would like to share with you the tale of Runa Cloudsoles, our signature cloud dwarf cleric. ReadContinue reading “Meet the Iconics: Runa Cloudsoles”

Meet the Iconics: Edward

As our last preview for Deadly Delves: Rescue from Tyrkaven before it goes live, we’re sharing the tale of the iconic that graces its cover, Edward Amante. When I asked Luis to draw him, the single most important instruction I gave him was (and I quote), “He should look like a guy that can charmContinue reading “Meet the Iconics: Edward”

Meet the Iconics: Darlanrea

Being Friday, I thought we would do something a little different for today’s preview. Today, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to our first signature character to grace the cover of one of our adventures. She is as tough as she is graceful and earns her place on this adventure, fightingContinue reading “Meet the Iconics: Darlanrea”