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We at JBE are constantly hard at work at bringing you new products. So we don’t always devote the time we would like to updating our blog. Sure, we post previews of upcoming products or we talk about stuff that is in our current products, but we do not just create stuff for our blog as often as we would like. Oddly enough, these posts are some of our most popular. Take the 5 Questions series as an example. These 5 questions for each class help players flesh out their characters without much longer 50-100 question series that are elsewhere on the internet. These five questions tailored to each class help new players and veterans alike. Or how about our 3 Rules series. These are designed for game masters looking to start GMing or to start GMing in a new way. And then there is when we just like to post random stuff. Take the Baby Owlbear as an example. I came up with this for a campaign I was running last year at the start of the pandemic and I just decided to share that with everyone just because. It has become one of our most popular posts since.

Are the contents of any of these posts in books that we currently have for sale? No. Not one. We would love to create more just like these. Our solution is a Patreon. By financially supporting our Patreon, we can devote more time to blog, posting things for everyone. As a Patreon backer, you will get input into the kinds of blog posts that we create as well as our heartfelt thanks.

Support our Patreon and help us crate more gaming material to share with everyone.

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