13th Age: Skunkdrill

I know we haven’t done much for 13th Age as of late. So when we were creating the skunkdrill for Pathfinder and 5e, we couldn’t not create one for 13th Age as well. And that is a goal of ours with our Patreon: having the resources to support this fun game.

So if you want to see more 13th Age material on the JBE Blog, support our Patreon today. Also check out our 13th Age PDFs from DriveThruRPG and Open Gaming Store.


2nd level spoiler [beast]
Initiative +4
Claw, Claw, Bite +7 vs AC—7 damage
Natural 16+—The skunkdrill makes a stink spray attack as a free action
[Special Trigger]C:Stink Spray +7 vs PD (1d3 nearby enemies)—All skill checks to persuade others and to remain undetected receive a -5 penalty for the next 1d3 days

Nastier Special
Stinking Shock: Creatures hit by the stink spray are hampered until the end of the skunkdrill’s next turn.
AC 18
PD 16
MD 12
HP 36

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