13th Age: Usurper’s Troops

As we’ve been talking about all last month, we started a Patreon to support our blog. We asked our Patrons to tell us what kinds of blogs they want to see. They spoke clearly. They want to see more 13th Age and more class/career options. So that is what we will be focusing on this month. Will we be doing that exclusively, no, but that will be our focus.

So today we are kicking off May with a new 13th Age creature to fight. Last year we created several new icons for 13th Age. One of which is the Usurper. This underhanded ruler of the Realm seized power and rules with an iron fist. Only those as brave as the adventurers can stop him. Today we’re looking at his troops. They’re mooks, but they’re well practiced and fight well as a unit. Underestimate them at your own peril.

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Usurper’s Troops

5th level mooks [humanoid]
Initiative +8
Sword Strike +10 vs AC—9 damage
Natural 20—Target is vulnerable to sword strikes until the start of the Usurper’s Troops next turn.
R: Long Bow +10 vs AC—9 damage
Natural 18+—The target is hampered until the start of the Usurper’s Troops next turn.
Fear Immunity: Knowing what awaits them should they fail, the Usurper’s troops are immune to spells and abilities that cause the fear condition.
Nastier Special
Practiced Tactics: This creature gains a +1 attack bonus per other Usurper’s Troops engaged with the target it’s attacking.
AC 21
PD 19
MD 15
HP 18 each (mook)
Mook: Kill one Usurper’s troop mook for every 18 damage you deal to the mob.

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