13th Age: Hound Golem

I’m a little busy this week and into next. It is the end of the semester so finals are fast approaching, projects need turned it. So I wanted to make sure that I posted another 13th Age blog post and monsters are one thing I know I can do well and fast. So please forgive two monsters in the same week

Today’s monster is a creation of the Fleshcrafter, one of our alternate icons that we created for 13th Age last year. This is more a low level guard that many that want to follow this icon create as a way of initiation into the Fellowship of the Craft. There are other creations, but some variation on this is one that most start out with. When adventurers go to stop such a golem creator gone mad, they can expect to find more than a few of these disgusting creations.

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Hound Golem

It may be four-legged and may be constructed from canine parts, but a hound golem is no dog. This loathsome creature disgusts and infuriates all those that look upon it for what its creator did to all the once noble beasts that make up this abomination.

2nd level troop [construct]

Initiative +2

Wounding Bite +7 vs AC—6 damage and the target is vulnerable (18+) to all attacks until the start of the hound golem’s next turn

Fear: The hound golem lets out a terrifying howl. All those engaged with the hound golem that have 12 hp or less are dazed and can’t use the escalation die. A normal save (11+) ends this for the creature.

Nastier Special

Rotting Interior: Once the hound golem is staggered, some of the stitching opens up, releasing the horrid stench of rot coming from the inside. All engaged creatures take 2 ongoing poison damage (hard save ends, 16+).

AC 18
PD 16
MD 12
HP 36

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