PF1: Underground Random Encounter Table

As we’re working on the Book of Beasts: Slayer Codex, I keep thinking about the next project. To the completely honest, the next one is going to be the Solomani Worlds: Kurland Cluster for Traveller since that has been sent off to the editors, and we’re hard at work on the Book of Beasts: Arcanist Codex so that won’t be long behind. Then there’s an unnamed 13th Age project we’re not ready to talk about yet. At the moment, however, I’m thinking long term. What is our next major project, the one that will come after the Character Codex Compendium? One that comes up in my mind is a possible Encounter Codex.

For those of you unaware, the name Encounter Codex is one we won’t use since it references a book that Paizo talked about doing towards the end of PF1 but never materialized and there may be legal issues around using such a name that I’d rather just completely avoid. But the basic idea still holds.

The real question is what kind of book would this look like? One idea we’ve had is a list of random tables with monsters listing. Below is a sample table of what it might look like. Roll on the d100 table, and use the corresponding monster. If there’s more than one of a given monster, it is listed in parentheses. Lastly, the B number in parentheses lists which Bestiary the monster is in. This is far from a final list (i.e. it excludes the various codices, combos are only involving monsters in the same book, some monsters were left off the list, etc.), but it is enough to give you an idea of this specific version that we’re considering. Also, this is only CR 1 for underground monsters. If we did this for a book, we’d be doing this for each CR level for the 10 terrains listed for a ranger’s favored terrain, excluding the planes. The various planes would be a different book entirely, if we did one.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to see more proposed Pathfinder books or proposed book for any other game systems as a blog posts, join us on Patreon. For only $3/month, you can have input into what kind of blog posts we should post and what kind of books we should explore. Also download our book at DriveThruRPG and the Open Gaming Store.

d100CR 1 Underground
1Akaname (B5)
2-3Akata (B2)
4-5Amoeba Swarm (B2)
6-7Amoeba, Giant (B2)
8Beheaded (3) (B4)
9Beheaded and Isitoq (B4)
10Boilborn (B4)
11-12Cave Scorpion (B2)
13Celedon (B5)
14-15Clockwork Spy (2) (B3)
16Dark Dancer (B4)
17-19Darkmantle (B1)
20-21Dire Corby (B3)
22Dossenus (B4)
23-25Duergar (2) and Fire Beetle (B1)
26-28Duergar (3) (B1)
29Ectoplasmic Human (2) (B4)
30-32Fire Beetle (3) (B1)
33-34Flumph (B3)
35Formian Worker (2) (B4)
36-37Ghost Scorpion (2) (B3)
38-40Ghoul (B1)
41-42Giant Flea (2) (B4)
43-45Giant Spider (B1)
46-47Goblin Snake (B3)
48Grioth (B5)
49-50Gryph (B2)
51Hobkins Gremlin (2) (B5)
52-54Homunculus (B1)
55Isitoq (2) (B4)
56-57Jinkin Gremlin (B2)
58-60Kobold (4) (B1)
61-63Mite (4) (B1)
64-65Mongrelman (B2)
66Nuno Gremlin (4) (B5)
67Pickled Punk (B4)
68-70Skeleton (3) (B1)
71-73Skeleton and Zombie (B1)
74Skincrawler (2) (B6)
75-76Skulk (B2)
77Small Aether Elemental (B5)
78-80Small Earth Elemental (B1)
81-82Small Mud Elemental (B2)
83-85Spider Swarm (B1)
86-88Svirfneblin (B1)
89-91Troglodyte (B1)
92Undigested (4) (B5)
93-95Vegepygmy (2) (B1)
96-98Venomous Snake (B1)
99-100 Zombie (2) (B1)

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