Future of PF2 and JBE

Just wanted to share that earlier this week the Pathfinder 2e Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Forbidden Woods sold it’s 20th copy in it’s first month. That’s the magic number. This was a test product to see if there’s enough of a market there to make continued work worth it.

The question from here is: where do we go from here. More monsters seems like a good option, as well as NPCs. Converting over some of our Pathfinder 1e adventures is another good idea. We are going to focus on GM-focused products for a while.

Proving to GM’s the quality of our products is important before we roll out more player focused products. We always aim to have high quality and well-balanced products and GM’s are the gatekeepers of new products at the table. So we want to show we’re exceptional so they feel comfortable allowing our products at their tables.

Now before anyone panics, Pathfinder 1e and Traveller are games we are still focused on and we will not be leaving these games any time soon. We’re working on solid products that GM’s and players will absolutely love. Stay tuned.

Download our products at DriveThruRPG, the Open Gaming Store, and Paizo. Play your games over Fantasy Grounds, check out our products available on this platform.

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