Making Dungeons in Camp Dungeon Crawl

Right now, DriveThruRPG is promoting all the PocketQuest 2022 games. One of which is Camp Dungeon Crawl, created by us at Jon Brazer Enterprises. We are really proud of this, as it is our first full game created by us. In this game, everyone plays their own adventuring party. So if you have four players at the table, you have four adventuring parties. In previous blog posts, we discussed how you make your adventuring party in Camp Dungeon Crawl. Today we want to talk about how to create dungeons that your adventuring parties will be diving into.

You create a total of four dungeons in Camp Dungeon Crawl, one for each round. Everyone at the table creates a single dungeon per round. One person goes first and picks a piece of the dungeon (or segment, as they are called) from the list in the book. The next person picks the second dungeon segment, and so on. The first dungeon is easy, having only three dungeon segments. Each successive dungeon gets harder, having an additional dungeon segment to a total of six for the final dungeon.

So when it is your turn to decide which dungeon segment that you want for the dungeon, you have to choose one that is either easy to pass—earning a small reward if you pass—or a segment that is more difficult to pass—potentially nabbing yourself a bigger reward. Here’s the thing, though: what is a difficult roll for you may not be so difficult a roll for someone else. You may be trying to nab a reward for yourself and inadvertently help one of the other adventuring groups improve their stats. So when you pick your dungeon segment, you have to pick carefully.

There is one rule when creating dungeons: you can’t pick a segment that requires a skill that is already being used in that dungeon. So if the first person picks a segment that tests a group’s Magic, you can’t pick Magic again. You have to pick something else, like Religion or Offense. This makes sure that any particular dungeon tests a variety of skills, making it more difficult for a group that specializes in one or two skills is not the automatic winner of the game.

The third and four rounds add Bosses to the dungeons. The person that goes last picking segments for those dungeons gets to pick the more powerful creature that is awaiting at the end. These are threats like dragons, mad necromancers, avatars of banished deities, skeletal hordes, and much worse. Bosses require three skill checks and offer a much bigger reward.

Next time we’ll talk about sending your adventuring party into these dungeons.

Download or order your copy of Camp Dungeon Crawl today at DriveThruRPG.

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