Bosses and Resurrection In Camp Dungeon Crawl

Previously, we talked about how to make your adventuring party, how to create dungeons, and sending your adventurers into the dungeon in Camp Dungeon Crawl. Today, we’re going to talk about adventurers coming back to life and the bosses that live in a dungeon.

As you move through the dungeons in the game, we introduce a number of additional rules to the game. The first is the ability to bring dead adventurers back. Remember, this is camp, so it is no fun to have campers sitting on the sidelines watching others having fun. Before starting the second, third, and fourth dungeons, you get to bring an adventurer that died back into your party. So you get to read their stats to your adventuring party. This can make a difference for your group if things are going badly.

The next rule that is added as the game progresses involves bosses. There is always a boss at the end of a dungeon, and we wanted to include them in the game. Bosses are more difficult than your typical dungeon segment. The last person that chooses a segment for the third and fourth dungeons decides which boss is in the dungeon. Bosses include things like avatars of banished deities, quelling restless tombs, dragons, kaiju, eldritch horrors, and of course, a one-eyed, one-handed lich. Mechanically, bosses work the same. Each boss has three skill checks, two easier and one hard. If your group passes two of the three checks, they defeat the boss and get the listed reward. Rewards for bosses are much better than a typical dungeon segment’s reward. Boss rewards allow every living member of a group to increase a skill, frequently letting individual adventurers to choose between two skills. Any failed check with a boss still results in a Wound for an adventurer. So if you pass two of the skill checks, one adventurer still takes a Wound. Additionally, as many adventurers as you want can cash in their reward for erasing a wound. So it is entirely possible for a group to not get any rewards because they are all erasing wounds.

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