PF2e: Wand of Enduring Heroism

One of the things I noticed about speciality wands in PF2e is that they are very evocation focused. This makes sense because they’re easy. Fireball, just add persistent fire damage. Magic missile gets extra missiles. But what about other schools of magic, they deserve wands with cool additional effects.

As such, I wrote a few. Today, we’re sharing one such wand. Here we’re got the wand of enduring heroism. We hope you enjoy it.

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Wand of Enduring Heroism Item 8+ 

Enchantment Mental Magical Wand 

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk

This ash wand is scribed with runes and a simple drawing of a humanoid. 

Activate Cast a Spell; Frequency once per day, plus overcharge; Effect You cast heroism of the indicated level. Additionally, the target gains the indicated number of temporary hit points. These temporary hit points refresh each round at the start of the target’s turn.   

Type 3rd-level spell; Level 8; Price 520 gp; Hit Points 3

Type 6th-level spell; Level 14; Price 4,200 gp; Hit Points 6

Type 9th-level spell; Level 20; Price 63,000 gp; Hit Points 9

Craft Requirements Supply a casting of heroism of the appropriate level.

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