Traveller: 3 Misconceptions and Play Suggestions Concerning the Solomani Confederation

Recently I asked on various Traveller forums what kinds of products do people want to see for the Solomani Worlds region. One of the responses asked for a reason to care about the children of Earth that turned Space Nazis. A solid challenge and one that needs to be addressed. So a good place toContinue reading “Traveller: 3 Misconceptions and Play Suggestions Concerning the Solomani Confederation”

Traveller: Fly To Whole New Worlds

A Cluster of Danger and Opportunity Born from the same nebula, these Imperial-ruled systems border Solomani space. Here, tensions between the Solomani Party and the Imperial government constantly threaten trouble. Caught between are the aliens and ordinary citizens just trying to make a better life for themselves. Travellers fly their missions amid these struggles, deliveringContinue reading “Traveller: Fly To Whole New Worlds”

Traveller: New Kinds of Maps

When it comes to Traveller, I love maps as much as the next person. Just looking at can be mesmerizing. The sheer quantity of information available there is just astounding. There are other resources for planetary maps of main Traveller worlds and generators and they are all great, but the one thing I amContinue reading “Traveller: New Kinds of Maps”