13th Age: Even More Awesome Wallpaper

With the Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin adventure coming out next week, I wanted to share with you the amazing cover art. Download it today and make it your computer’s wallpaper. Front and center is Nyrionaxys II as well as two of her lizardmen attacking the Mistlevy Docks. Defending the town are our four signatureContinue reading “13th Age: Even More Awesome Wallpaper”

13th Age: Dragon Size Wallpaper

I have been talking for a while about an upcoming 13th Age adventure. A number of delays slowed us down but now we are almost ready to release it. So I thought we would share with you one of the images from the adventure. The dragon’s name is Nyrionaxys II and she is the mainContinue reading “13th Age: Dragon Size Wallpaper”