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5e: 3 Reasons Why 5e Warlocks Are Awesome

Everyone has their favorite Fifth Edition class. The warlock, however, is in a class by itself. As someone who enjoys playing this newer class (newer being it was created during 3rd edition and made a core class in 4th, as compared to all the other core book classes first appearing in 1e or 2e), there is quite a bit to live with this class. Here are three reason why the warlock is just a downright awesome class.

1) Its a class with a backstory.

While it is true that every character should have a backstory, most other classes can have a rather boring sentence. Wizard: I went to school. Fighter: I picked a sword and started using it. Cleric: I worship a god and was granted powers. Druid: I worship nature and was granted powers. Sorcerer: I started doing magic one day. A warlock by comparison can have a single sentence backstory, it is by no means boring: I struck a bargain with a dark power and was given power. Even then, that single sentence draws a whole host of questions: which dark power, how did you get its attention, what did you offer it for your power, and mostly, are you really working against the good of all humanoid kind in exchange for your power? Already, that is one hell of a character that is exciting to play.

2) It is one heck of a versatile class.

Warlocks may not have the full spell list as the sorcerer or wizard, they can use quite a few spells. While they are not front line fighters, they have as many hit points and the same armor proficiency as a rogue. They don’t even need to carry a weapon since the pact of the blade option lets them create a weapon out of pure magical energy. On top of that, they get eldritch invocations that let them gets all kinds of tricks like being able to read all writing, let them use spells not on their list, gain proficiency with more skills. This class can dabble in many different kinds of classes and can be customized for many play styles.

3) Always max slot level spellcasting

One serious advantage that a warlock has over wizards and sorcerers is that they always class all their spells at the highest slot level. Why is that big? Take hold person for example. This second level spell paralyzes one person. But if it is cast using a 3rd level spell slot, you can paralyze an additional person. You never need to ask yourself which spell level you want to use. It is always your highest spell level. So at 9th level, a warlock casting hold person can always hold four people while the wizard needs to decide which spell levels will be needed later and might not hold those last few orcs, leaving them for the fighter to take on and possibly be overwhelmed.

But these are just my opinion. Why do you love warlocks? Tell us in the comments below.

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