[Traveller] Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium 1 Released

On distant worlds in the deepest regions of space, unknown creatures await unwitting explorers. Close to home, devious politicians and gangsters lure native wild life to carry out their dirty work while maintaining denyability. On a frontier outpost, primitive life forms walk the uninhabited regions hoping claim the civilized place as their new home. Be prepared no matter where your players go. Be ready with the Creatures of Distant Worlds.

Compendium 1 brings you the creatures from across science fiction all in one place. Each one represents a threat faced by characters in books, movies and video games that you can bring to your table. Combine the creatures with diseases, poisons and mundane animals, and this book spells trouble for your players.

Available now in print at our new Lulu store and in PDF at DriveThruRPG. Additionally, if you subscribed to either of the two Creatures Subscription offered by Jon Brazer Enterprises earlier this year, you should have received a coupon for a copy of the Compendium for free. If you subscribed and did not receive the coupon, please respond to this post.

Have Fun and Happy Gaming.

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