Traveller: d66s of Spaceports and Hivers

“So you’re approaching the planet. You begin your descent-”
“I scan the area around the planet to see what’s orbiting out there,” the player interrupts
Dismissively the game master says, “Nothing.”
“Nothing?” the player askes quizzically. “This is suppose to be one of the busiest junctions in the subsector. There should be ships going in and out all the time. There’s nothing there?”
Game master pulls out d66 Objects Orbiting a Planet and rolls a pair of d6s. “You see a dozen antique communication satellites, various military fighters practicing maneuvers, a personal solar sailing yacht, and a maintenance bot floating aimlessly.”
“I want to retrieve the maintenance bot,” the player declares.
Giving in, the game master says, “Alright, you capture the robot. So you begin your descent into the main spaceport city and you-.”
The player interrupts again. “What’s the name of the spaceport city?”
The game master pulls out d66 Spaceport City Names and rolls the d6s. “High Tower,” he supplies. “And you go to meet your contact in the bar near the spaceport.” The player looks like he is about to ask a question but the game master is ready for him with d66 Spaceport Bar Names and tells the player that the bar’s name is “Nova Drinks.”
The game master continues and informs the players that there is a hiver sitting in the corner. “Hivers,” the player comments. “What use are they?”
With a devilish smile on his face, the game master takes out d66 Uses for a Hiver and begins spouting off, “Doormat, garbage disposal, plug for leaking oil well, target practice, …”

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