JBE is Going to PaizoCon

Its official as of earlier this afternoon! Jon Brazer Enterprises is going to PaizoCon! We are so excited. Our current plan is for me to run some games/seminars while the worlds greatest girlfriend works the vendor’s table.

So we’d like your input as to what we should do. Here are a few ideas we have:

  • Seminar – Designing your own Conquest Campaign: This seminar helps GMs to set up their own sandbox-style campaign,
  • Seminar – Monster Designer: Never designed a monster before? Join us as we design a monster together.
  • Game – River Kingdoms Diplomacy: Diplomatic actions can be tricky, but in the River Kingdoms they can be deadly. Your kingdom is frequently raided by thieves from across your border, in your neighboring country. How will you stop these invaders?
  • Game – Surviving the Worldwound: You join a regiment in the 5th crusade. Now you are the last survivors of that regiment. Will you make it home with so many miles of corrupted land and viscous forces standing in your way.

Please share your thoughts.

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