[Pathfinder] Avast, Me Hearties! There Be an Open Call for Writers!

In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are making it known a few of our upcoming plan! We plan to be releasin’ a few Pirate themed PDFs over the next few months and we would like to invite ye to submit yur best pirate themed spells to us for publication, har har.

What are we lookin’ fur?
We want spells for any and all of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game classes. These are fur classes that are presented in the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide and Ultimate Magic. We would like them formatted in the same style as Paizo does them in the Core Rulebook. We be lookin’ fur spells from all the schools of magic. But they must have a pirate theme to them. If you can see it being more useful to a crew of mates then a gang o’ landlubbers, then send it off to us. Gun/cannon spells be ok, but we be limitin’ the number o’ these spells we publish.

What be we NOT lookin’ fur?

  • Unbalanced spells. There is a good description of the power level of each spell in Ultimate Combat. We recommend comparin’ your spell to those guidelines and to spell in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.
  • Spells not formatted correctly. If you came up with yur own custom format fur spells, that be well and good fur yur game. We, however, will not acceptin’ ’em.
  • Spells that already exist. We be looking for original spells. Don’t send us spells that ye found in another spell book (most especially the Spell Compendium). If ya do, yur spell be goin down to Davey Jones’ Locker. Har har.
  • Greater spells, lesser spells, acid fireballs, etc. Don’t be sendin’ us a spell that already exists with a minor tweet or two. We be looking fur somethin’ new and different.
  • Bad grammer/spelling, spell in pirate talk. The open call may be in pirate speak, but we not be wantin’ your spells in it. Remember, not everyone speaks English as their first language so we not be wantin’ ’em havin’ more trouble with readin’ these spells. If we have to edit your grammer much, we be firing your spell out the starboard cannon.

How should ye be sendin’ us yur spells?
Send us an email to submissions@jonbrazer.com with your spell inside. Subject Line should be Pirate Spell Submission. Attachments will get ye a keel haulin’. Place yur spells in the body of the email. We prefer to get more spells in a single email than more emails each with a single spell in ’em.

What kind of reward ye can expect fur yur spells
Now we be gettin’ to the important part here. We be payin’ 1 US cent for every word in your spell that gets published. We may be editing yur spell. So if you bloat your spell with unnecessary words, we may just be feeding the rest of the spell to the sharks.

Will we accept all spells submitted.
No. There only be so much room on the ship and we need only the best spells that be submitted off to us. If we do not accept yur spell (or we accept a spell that be similar to yurs), we be send ye an email that lets ye know that. Of course, we be sending emails to those that get accepted as well. So ye can expect an email either way.

When do we want yur spells by?
October 19th be the last day we be acceptin’ spells. If ye send us a spell on October 20th, yur spell be food for the sea gulls. So ye have one month from today to send us your best spell.

When should ye send us an email about yur spells?
We be gettin’ alot o’ emails so if we do not be gettin’ back to you by Nov 20th, worry not. We be working as hard as we can. However, if ye hadn’t received an email from us by then, send us an email remindin’ us.

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