Pathfinder: Fetchlings of Shadowsfall

Illustration by Marc Radle
Of all the planar touched races, fetchlings are probably the least well known. And they like it that way. In Shadowsfall, going unnoticed is a good thing. When a herd of zombies come shambling past or a black worm burrows its way through the ground, you don’t want to be noticed. Its much better to have them pass right by you and no one be the wiser. This is daily survival for a fetchling.

Many fetchlings live in the protected area but far more live as nomads moving from ruined town to ruined town every time some monster comes along looking for its next meal. These fetchlings are use to traveling the wasteland with a small or large group of survivors from the previous attack looking for something to call “shelter” for a time. Aided by their racial ability to conceal themselves in the shadows of their home plane, they hide in a cave or behind some convenient terrain feature until the danger has wandered past.

This is not to say that fetchlings are cowards. Far from it. Fetchlings are survivors. They do what they can in a realm that is so overrun with monsters of every stripe, especially undead, that they use other means to survive. What is less known in their bravery. When faced with such an overwhelming force that the whole community would likely die off, the bravest among them charge in and hold the opposing force off long enough for their brethren to escape. Sometimes, these heroes rejoin their friends and family on their way to seek out their new home. More often, these heroes are never seen from again. But their memories are kept alive by the songs and stories by those that remain.

What kind of stories will be told about you? What deeds of bravery will your fellow fetchlings tell their children.

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