[Traveller] Two New d66 Lists for Evil Referees

JBE is bringing back our monthly d66 lists again. We wanted to start it off again with a one for all you evil Referees out there. First up is d66 Reasons Why the Starport is Closed. That’s right. 36 ways to be evil to your players. Everything from mundane reason like Lawyers are suing the spaceport and solar flare activity to the extreme like a computer virus deleting takeoff-protocols or claims by a religious group that their deity will smite the starport. Yes, this d66 list does give you permission to be evil to your players.

Accompanying it, we bring to you d66 Desert Names. Deserts are everywhere and they all need a name. Whether your players are just visiting a planet for a day or if they spend much of their time on a single world, the deserts there needs names and this list will provide imaginative names for your game.

Both of these lists will be available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.com. Remember to check out our other d66 lists to see how they can help your home game.

“Traveller” and the Foreven logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

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