Pathfinder: New Cavalier Mounts For Your Game

In a fantasy game where you can play a dwarf, why is the cavalier limited to riding a horse? Ride a beast into battle, delve the depths under the mountain and take to the skies on a mount that earns its place in fantasy. Whether you go bareback on an elk or have a specialized saddle made for your riding spider, none will forget your mount. Tell an epic tale of your knightly deeds and the mount that braved the dangers the whole way.

Cavalier Mounts is now available in Printer Friendly and Laptop/Tablet formats. Download today from DriveThruRPG (Printer/Laptop)/ (Printer/Laptop),, and

3 Replies to “Pathfinder: New Cavalier Mounts For Your Game”

  1. There had better be a Battle Yak in there or Warbot B9 and Yakkie the Wonder Mount are going to be miffed.

    Excellent to see, about time someone did an alternate Mounts book.

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