Traveller: New Combat Robot

Krown TS-165 This week in Traveller, we bring you a new combat Robot. Everyone needs an evil “Exterminator” robot that yells “Terminate”. Well we are bringing you exactly that this week. We hope it enhances your game.

Krown TS-165 “Executioner” Combat Robot (TL 12)
Available now from Krown Robotics, is the Executioner. This fully autonomous robot set a new gold standard in mechanized warfare. With improved armor and independent targeting for each gun arm, this weapon of war withstands incredible damage and deals it right back. Due to its intelligence programming, the Executioner does not require an operator and can differentiate friend from foe as well as its living counterpart. The Executioner is the way wars of the future will be fought.

Strength 12 (+2), Dexterity 10 (+1), Hull 3, Structure 2, Intelligence 8 (+0), Education 7 (+0), Social Standing 0 (-3)
Traits: Armor 3, Infrared vision, Integral Weapon (Twin Heavy Machine Gun Arms), Computer/5 (running Intellect/1, Expert Heavy Weapons/2 and Security/3)
Weapons: Twin Heavy Machine Gun (Range: Rifle, Damage: 5d6, Armor Piercing: 3, Magazine: 200 each, Auto: 6)
Price: Cr. 53,200

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One thought on “Traveller: New Combat Robot

  1. It seems underpriced for that str & dex. Surely, the computer & progs would cost more than that?
    No armour/stabilisers? It would be on it’s arse when it fired & scrap a round later in my game

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