Traveller: d66 Ways to Name Your War

d66 Warship NamesWhen that gruff old war hero starts spouting off again about how he won the battle single-handedly, remember to give that space battle a name. d66 Names of Famous Space Battles lets you add the flavor to the character with no hesitation. Have a unique name ready in an instant.

Don’t forget to mention what ship he served on. Every planet, corporation, independent space station and self-governing moon has its own military and every one of those ships needs a name. Give those names to your players in a flash with d66 Warship Names. Take the pressure off of your so you can focus on the story.

Both of these new releases pair well with d66 Insterstellar War Names, d66 Pirate Ship Names 2, d66 Medical Ship Names, and of course, the d66 Compendium

Download more d66 list today at and

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