13th Age: Unique Backgrounds for Everyone

Age of Ideas: Character BackgroundsEach character has backgrounds that helps you succeed at non-combat skills. This unique history helps to flesh out your character and explains who you are as much as how you got here. Age of Ideas: Character Backgrounds is a list of 100 ideas that will help you find the exact background you are looking for with your character.

Inside this 3 page PDF, you will find 100 background ideas that include:

  • 22 Butterflykeeper
  • 29 City Guard/Gate Keeper
  • 42 Executioner/Torturer
  • 94 Temple Slave

Give your Character Fantastical Life Today.

Download Age of Ideas: Character Backgrounds for your 13th Age/Archmage game today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.com and d20PFSRD.com

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