13th Age: We’re Official

13th Age CompatibleIts official, we signed the 13th Age Compatibility License yesterday. We will be redoing the covers of our two current 13th Age Role Playing Game releases in the next week or two. Also keep an eye out for our next 13th Age release: Age of Icons: 100 Lich Queen Agents. Like Age of Ideas: Character Backgrounds, this will include 100 names of agents of the Lich Queen you can use in your game right away. In addition, we are including 5 fully stated out NPCs that serve the Lich Queen in all her dastardly desires. Each of these make excellent bosses to defeat as well as enemies to taunt the players.

In addition, we updated our newsletter sign up form to include 13th Age. If you would like to stay current with what Jon Brazer Enterprises is planning for this exciting role playing game, be sure to sign up or modify your existing subscription today. It is totally free and helps us stay in contact with you better. Sign up today!

13th Age and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Fire Opal Media Inc., and are used under license. See 13thAge.com for more information on the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. The 13th Age Roleplaying game is published under exclusive license to Pelgrane Press Ltd.

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