Traveller: Foreven Worlds: War is Brewing

image It is time I start talking about the Mercenary Wars for the Foreven Worlds setting. So let me share with you some of my goals with this adventure. First off, I want to make an exciting wartime adventure that is both freeform as well as having a serious plot. Next, I want it indicative of all the other small wars of in the sector so you can easily transport it to a different system in a different subsector or even a different sector if the referee so desired. Lastly, I wanted it to be replayable, this way the same group of people could sit down with this same adventure and have a completely different experience with it by making a few different choices. The real challenge came when I decided to have all them in one adventure.

First off, there are a total of six different factions in this little war (without counting the Zhodani or the Imperium) each with their own set if goals, easily available equipment and they are all able to be joined. The players are mercenaries and are hired for a number of of missions. The players can choose a side to consistently or switch sides whenever they feel like it. It is their call. This way, if the players feel like ending the brutal military dictatorship and replacing it with a democracy that stands for the people, that is their call. Or if they want to make as much money as possible, they can sign up with the corporate plutocracy. Yet, if they want to restore order sooner rather than later and keep the Zhodani from taking over, they can sign up with the old order. The tenor of the new regime is in their hands.

Most of the missions are common for all sides (capture a space station, free prisoners, etc) but each goes about it in their own way. So the corporate interests will send the players in to first offer to buy out the opposing personnel while the terrorist side will send the players in to blow up the installation. Other missions are unique to certain factions or possibly to only a single faction. So if you play the campaign again, it still feels fresh and different.

We will be talking more about Mercenary Wars as we write more of it. Are there any missions in particular you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments below.

Download Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and at d20pfsrd today.

2 thoughts on “Traveller: Foreven Worlds: War is Brewing

  1. It would be interesting to add in a function that would give “points” to the players for each faction they do a job for. A successful job gets more points added to a particular faction. And if the mission was against a rival faction they would receive negative points (i.e. making it harder for the players to take missions for them).
    You could even leverage the negative points from a faction into “bonus” missions that had the faction sending agents or hiring other mercs to take out these successful PC’s because they are a pain in their ass. And being successful would give them positive/negative notoriety that a GM could use to come up with other missions to be offered to them.
    I would suspect the missions would be relatively small size to reflect the small size of a player group. So taking a space station might actually involved coming in disguised as traders to gather information and heavier armed units would come in to do the actual fighting. But the PC’s could also be tasked with say blowing up an armory, hacking into the station systems to inject a virus, destroying supplies, etc.

  2. Excellent idea, Paul. I’ll have to add that.
    One thing I should have said but forgot is that the players won’t be doing the missions by themselves. They just have a critical role in all of them. So they won’t be taking the station all by themselves, they have to get on board early and let the troop ships dock. Things like that.

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