Pathfinder: Where’s Gillmen?

As some of you have been asking lately, where’s Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Gillmen? The short answer is that it is coming. I know it is kind of a cop out, but it is the best answer I have at the moment. I am currently finishing up the last 2 archetypes now (a wilder surge and a shaman spirit. Wordcount wise it is 3/4 of the way finished. I still have to finish up the introduction fiction, the In Your Campaign section, and the final NPCs.

I am really satisfied with the way it is turning out. Matt Medeiros wrote a psionic power that give the race a nice Aquaman feel. Sasha Hall wrote some very nice spells and magic items. My wife kept peppering me with ideas for Creature from the Black Lagoon inspiration. It really is coming together nicely.

While I am always working on several projects at once, only one project at a time gets priority and that is where Gillmen stands right now: priority. So it should not be too much longer. Before Halloween, unless things go really unexpected.

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