GM’s, You’re Doing Ok

I’m not sure which game masters, dungeon master, referees, etc. of role playing games need to hear this, but you are doing ok. These are difficult times, and you are giving your game your best. Give yourself a break and know that you are doing ok.

Even if any issues you are having has nothing to do with the pandemic, larger societal issues, or whatever, even if anything going on in your life is purely personal in nature, you should give yourself a break and accept that your game may not meet as often as you like, or you may not be as prepared as you would like. It is ok to give yourself a break.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun for both your players and yourself. Take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that you are doing ok as a GM.

Share this post with all your GM friends, and give them virtual hugs.

One thought on “GM’s, You’re Doing Ok

  1. That is a good reminder during stressful times. I found some enjoyment during lock down times by listening to YouTube videos on how to be a better GM, and tips for expanding my GM toolbox with new ideas from others. Zoom games are different, but can be fun when face to face is just not an option. Maybe that might also help a few gamers out there as well. Hang in there everyone!

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