PF 1e: Spell Codex Artwork

Previously when talking about the Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1 we shared the spells inside. So far we shared domination link as well as share skin and greater share skin. Today we want to show off some of the artwork within.

We wanted the book to appear like an ancient spell time that your characters might find in a dungeon. So we made the pages look like old worn parchment. That’s all fun but it can really break the immersion of the idea if we went with full-color art. So we opted for black line art with no white background. This gives the Spell Codex just the right feel. While the artwork of a number of artists graces these pages, the one featured the most is Dean Spencer. His images had just the right feel for this project. Check out the artwork of his we used below.

One other thing before we get to the artwork. We are JBE know how much people love to print out their books to have physical copies at the gaming table. First off, let me just confirm that a print version is in the works. We’ve already submitted off the files and they are going through the process. We figure it’ll be available in under a month. Secondly, we included a printer-friendly version, one without the parchment background so you can print your own version and use less ink or toner.

Spell Tome and Printer Friendly Versions

Download the Book of Magic Spell Codex Volume 1 today at DriveThruRPG and the Open Gaming Store. Order your print copy today from Amazon.

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