Surviving Dangers in Camp Dungeon Crawl

Lately we’ve been detailing how to play our new game Camp Dungeon Crawl. So far we talked about how to create your adventuring party and how to create dungeons. So now it is time for those two to meet, sending your adventurers into those very dungeons.

The basic game mechanic is pretty simple. A dungeon segment falls for a specific skill with a difficulty number listed next to it. Roll a d12 and add the bonus of your adventuring party. If the resulting number is equal to or greater than the number listed in the segment, you beat that part of the dungeon, and you get a reward. If you get less than the number, you fail and someone in the party gets Wounded. That’s the basics.

So what’s a Wound? Well, you reduce the skill of one of your adventurers by 1. Also, you check one of the Wounded boxes next to the adventurer. A single adventurer can suffer two wounds with no ill effects. If the adventurer takes a third wound, they die and you have to subtract their stats from your adventuring party stats.

If adventurers can be wounded, can they be healed? Yes. Rewards from passing dungeon segments come in two varieties: a bonus for one character or a bonus for two characters. If you get one of the two adventurer bonus types, you can instead have one take a bonus and one gets to erase a Wounded box.

Next time, we will talk about how the rules change over the course of the game. Download Camp Dungeon Crawl today at DriveThruRPG.

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