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Traveller: Don’t Panic!

d66 Escalations of a Panicked CrowdToday we bring you two new d66 lists. This first one is a little different than usual. d66 Escalations of a Panicked Crowd helps you to give your players the feeling of unbridled chaos going on around them by making it easy for you to have unexpected and dynamic events happening all around them. These thirty six ideas for a terrifying situation when there are lots of people packed in together, all of them screaming, shouting and fleeing something terrible are ways to make it even worse. Pick up d66 Escalations of a Panicked Crowd today at and

Our other new release is just a fun way to screw with your players. d66 Ways Your Contact Was Killed is ideal for when your players are hurrying to meet with someone who will give them valuable information and they see their contact lying dead. Don’t just have a single gun shot to the chest anymore. Give them some kind of unique and remarkable way of the contact met their maker with this d66 list today. d66 Ways Your Contact Was Killed is available now at and

Grab these and other d66 lists at and

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13th Age: The Great Druid Summons Monsters To Your Game

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid (13th Age)13th Age Compatible

Terrible beasts, intimidating giants, freezing insects and other dangers of nature await you within the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid. These inspiring monsters let you assault, frighten or befriend your players in new and exciting ways. Each has some connection to the Great Druid Icon, a powerful lover of nature that will stop at nothing to prevent the encroachment of civilization upon the wilderness. The exact nature of that connection is for you to know and your players to discover.

Inside this 12 page PDF, you will find 11 monsters that:

  • range from levels 0 through 7
  • fill the caster, leader, mook, spoiler, troop, and wrecker roles
  • have a unique connection to the Great Druid Icon as well as other Icons in your game

Challenge your players in ways they never expected.

Download Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid for your 13th Age/Archmage game today at DriveThruRPG/ and

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Pathfinder: Open Call for Egyptian-Themed Magic Items

JBE LogoPharaoh welcomes you, Great Scribe, to Jon Brazer EnterprisesOpen Call for Magic Items of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a low-costing, one-use item or a great and powerful magic item, if it has an Ancient Egyptian theme, we would love to see it. Please read on for the specifics.

What do the stories say of these ancient treasures?
Merchants tell of trinkets commonly found in burial tombs with great and terrible powers, but they do not tell us what powers. This is why you, Great Scribe, are necessary to Pharaoh’s endeavors. Descriptions of the items and their powers must be formatted in the same style as you would find in Pathfinder Core Rulebook (download our template here). Pharaoh desires variety in his items, and they must be Ancient Egyptian in theme.

What will we not accept?

  • Unbalanced items. Great Scribe, review the magic item creation guidelines in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Compare your item to those guidelines and to similar items in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Ultimate Equipment, etc. Careful application of these steps will provide a good assessment of your item’s balance.
  • Items not formatted correctly. If you have adapted the common hieroglyphics to fit your needs, understand we will not be able to correctly decipher them, Great Scribe. We will not accept them by Pharaoh’s decree. Download our magic item template here.
  •  Items that already exist or are submitted to the RPG Superstar contest. The gods frown upon falsified writings. We shall not accept any item that already exists in this world or the next. Also, once you submit an item to the RPG Superstar contest it belongs to Paizo, regardless whether or not you are chosen for the Top 32. We cannot accept them.
  • Variations upon a theme such as bracelet of iceballs, boots of arrow catching, etc. Pharaoh has plenty of the standard items and plenty of magicians already who can vary these templates as needed. The stories speak of ancient items not seen in 10,000 lifetimes. Those are what we seek.
  • Bad grammar/spelling, “Egyptian-speak” such as Aset neteru, etc. The open call borrows from ceremonial language forms, Great Scribe; Pharaoh desires a more direct report from you. Remember, not everyone speaks English as their first language, and we do not wish those who will read your report to become confused by flowery turns of phrase. If we must edit your grammar much, we shall search out another scribe for this duty. Please note, some “Egyptian-speak” for flavor is acceptable; many strings of “Egyptian-speak” syllables such as “et” or “ka” is not.
  • Anything containing the Pathfinder Campaign Setting (or any other setting). We know how much we all love the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but we cannot use it. If you want to make something useful for worshippers of Sarenrae, instead mention “the sun deity.”

How do you submit your report for review?
Send us an email to with your item inside. Subject Line should be Egyptian Item Submission. Attachments will see your report burned in ritual fire. Transcribe your item in the body of the email. We prefer to get more items in a single email than more emails each with a single item contained within.

What shall be your reward?
Pharaoh is beneficent and has authorized payment of 1 US cent for every word in your item that gets published. We may edit your item. Unnecessarily ceremonial or flowery language shall be trimmed and transformed until the beauty of the item shines brightly as the sun.

Will we accept all items submitted.
We cannot. Stories being what they are, some will be hearsay of hearsay twice removed, and we need only the best items submitted to us. If we do not accept your item (or we accept an item resembling yours), Great Scribe, we will send an email informing you of the circumstances. Of course, we will send emails to those whose items are accepted as well. Expect an email either way.

When do we want your items by?
November 30th is the last day we can accept items. If you send us an item on December 1st, your item shall be sacrificed in ritual fire. So you have 46 days from today to send us your best item.

When should you inquire on your item?
We receive many emails so if you hear nothing before Dec 31st, worry not, Great Scribe. We’re working as hard as we can. However, if you haven’t received an email from us by the start of the new year, send us a reminder email. Please do not notify Pharaoh. He’s a bit touchy about this, and we have no desire to perish in ritual fire.

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Fate: Don’t Let Zombies Gnaw Your Face Off

Powered by Fate Final Light BGThe few games of Fate Core I have played, I really enjoyed it. It was a quick and simple system that made a fun evening. Now I want to help you to have your own fun games of Fate. So for a fun Friday, we are posting a zombies for you to use in your own zombie survival game. And if you are a player in a Fate Core game may your character lives longer than my own did. I hope these enhance your world and your game.

Zombie (Average)
Aspects: Eat! Flesh!
Skills: Average (+1) Fight and Stealth

Tough Zombie (Fair)
Apsects: Grab and gnaw.
Skills: Fair (+2) Fight, Average (+1) Notice and Physique
Stress: One Stress Box

Zombie Mob (Good)
Aspects: Grab, attack, and eat!
Skills: Good (+3) Fight, Fair (+2) Physique, Average (+1) Notice
Stress: Two Stress Boxes

If you would like to see more for Fate Core RPG from Jon Brazer Enterprises, please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.