PF 1e: The Winners of Spell Codex 2

Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 2

The Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 2 is coming out soon, and we couldn’t be more excited. We really love this series. It makes spells more accessible for GMs and players, all while updating older spells to allow newer classes to cast them. The final list of spells for this book is complete, and only a few spells need that final touch to make them shine like they should. While going over this, I can’t help but notice that some classes in this book are making out like gangbusters.

Despite calling this blog post “winners” I don’t like that term because that implies there are losers, which there are definitely no losers in this book. Every spellcasting class in the game is getting new spells, so they are all winners in at senses. However, a few classes are standing out as gaining some serious benefit from this book.


This one is obvious. No class gains more spells than this group. With the spell list for these classes taking over 3-1/2 pages, there are a serious number of spells for these classes to add to their casting. There are about 30 new spells added to these classes’ capabilities within the second and third levels each. This book is a must-have for players of these classes.


While a six-level caster like the hunter does not seem like an obvious choice as a standout, this class most definitely is. Druid definitely gets some excellent options in this book, but hunter is incredibly notable for its additions. Sure, the spell list is just the first six levels of druid, but it also gets ranger spells, and if both classes get the same spell, hunter gets it at the lower level. So spells like ally across time or stone throwing that no other class can cast at 1st level, the hunter can do just that. These spells are 2nd level for 6- and 9-level casters but 1st-level spells for 4-level casters like bloodrager, medium, and of course ranger. Because of this, hunter is the class that can cast some spells before any other class.

Druid, Psychic, Witch

All three of these classes stand out among the 9-level casters because these are the only classes that get new spells across all 9 levels. Neither wizard nor cleric nor shaman get spells across all levels. Only these three classes. Mind you, arcanists/sorcerers/wizards can cast spells like form of the exotic dragon III and temporal regression at 8th level, while druids can cast it at 9th level. Even if you exclude those spells, however, druids, psychics, and witches get threefold form at 9th level while none of the other classes get this spell at all.


The ranger may get more spells, and the bloodrager gets more damage-dealing spells, but I think the medium gets the most varied list for a four-level caster. By its nature of being able to channel different spirits means a medium can have different abilities from day to day. As such, the medium gets spells that reflect this varied aspect of the class.


This one is an odd choice, but I’m adding it here. Sure, paladins get more spells, but the options for antipaladin will give GMs a way to surprise and shock their players. This book is a real must-have for GMs that run games that feature such an evil knight.


If you thought antipaladin came out of left field, adding rogue is such an odd choice, it is like a basketball player taking up baseball (I’m looking at you Michael Jordon). Having said that, rogue definitely needs to be included on this list of winners. The rogue minor magic talent lets a rogue take a 0-level arcanist/sorcerer/wizard spell and cast it 3 times/day. This book has the perfect spell for every rogue that climbs a tree to scout ahead or perches themselves on a high ledge for sneak attacks: grasp. If you fail a Climb check, you cast this as an immediate action, and you can attempt another Climb check (with a minor penalty). If you succeed, you don’t fall. Seriously, this is going to be the rogue’s new best friend.

If you haven’t already, grab yourself the Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1 at DriveThruRPG or the Open Gaming Store.

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