PF2e: Spells at 1st Level – Fixing the Elemental Bloodline Sorcerer, Part 2

Greyrend blasting ice while tentacles attack the monster. Image by Luis Antonio Salas Lastra

Every sorcerer gets 3 bloodline spells at 1st level: a cantrip, a focus spell, and a 1st level spell. Let’s take a look at the sorcerer with the elemental bloodline and see how it can be improved. The cantrip does a spell attack dealing damage, the focus spell does a spell attack dealing damage, and the 1st level spell does a Reflex save, dealing damage. One of these is exactly like another, and all three are heavy on the dealing damage.

Something here needs to be brought back to the drawing board. It is good to have an attack cantrip to use over and over again. And since the 1st level spell uses a save instead an attack, it is best to keep that as well. So the best of these to completely rewrite is the focus spell. So here’s my suggestion. This goes hand in hand with the change we made last time.

Elemental Protectors Focus 1

Uncommon, Abjuration, Aura, Sorcerer

Cast (1) somatic

Area 5-foot-radius emanation centered on you

Duration sustained up to 1 minute

You emanate a shimmering aura of your element, protecting you and your allies within. You and any allies in the area gain a +1 status bonus, depending on your element. Air is to AC against ranged weapon attacks as the wings blow such missiles out of the way. Earth is to AC against melee weapon attacks as pebbles fly around, providing a defensive screen. Fire is to Reflex saves, as the flames quicken their movements. Water is to AC against magical attacks, as the water partially absorbs the magic as it passes through the area. Additionally, you and your allies gain resistance 1 to your element.

Each time you Sustain the Spell, the emanation’s radius increases by 5 feet, to a maximum of 30 feet.

Heightened (+1) The resistance increases by 1.

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