[Pathfinder] Inspiration of Shadowsfall Monsters

Now that Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Shadow Plane is off to the printer, I can start to share some of the details from the book. Today I’m going to start off with several of my sources for inspiration. Over 50 monsters are in the book altogether and we drew inspiration from many differenceContinue reading “[Pathfinder] Inspiration of Shadowsfall Monsters”

Pathfinder: Read Part 1 of Pawn, Deception and Sacrifice

Today, we present you with the exciting opening to Shadowsfall Legends: Pawn, Deception and Sacrifice. This story, written by Mur Lafferty is an exciting opener to the Shadowsfall Legend series. Without further ado, we present the opener to Pawn Deception and Sacrifice. The baby in her arm shrieked, and all Valdia could think of wasContinue reading “Pathfinder: Read Part 1 of Pawn, Deception and Sacrifice”

Live the Adventure with Shadowsfall Legends

Happy New Year everyone! We at Jon Brazer Enterprises wanted to kick your new year off with a real treat so we launched the first in the Shadowsfall Legends stories. This short story written by awesome Mur Lafferty takes place in Shadowsfall focusing around our signature fighter Valdia. This half vampire warrior woman has aContinue reading “Live the Adventure with Shadowsfall Legends”

Pathfinder: Dhampirs in Shadowsfall

The undead are the dominant creature type on Shadowsfall. Living creatures that refuse to accept the more peaceful undead creatures into their hidden community are seeking their own death. That does not mean that these mixed communities are not without their strife between the living and the dead creatures. Vampires in particular prefer to liveContinue reading “Pathfinder: Dhampirs in Shadowsfall”

[Pathfinder] The Year of Shadow is Upon Us

Coming next year from Jon Brazer Enterprises is a full line of books detailing the Plane of Shadows. This plane, known as Shadowsfall to those that live there, is the dark reflection of your current campaign setting. This land of darkness and undeath is the terror that those that live in sunshine fear. This landContinue reading “[Pathfinder] The Year of Shadow is Upon Us”