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Pathfinder: The Kobold Ninja Knows Your Potion’s Taste

Not every potion, elixir and extract looks the same. Each has their own unique look, taste, and smell. From the foul smell of “dwarf urine” to the stunning appearance of “night black with small star lights” to the curious taste of “arsenic,” these lists will liven up any session by adding flavorful description and delicious depth.

Who knows what thoughts lurks in the minds of bugbears? The Kobold Ninja knows.

Need inspiration right now? Look to the Kobold Ninja. No matter what kind of inspiration you need, the Kobold Ninja stole it at one point or another. Now you can steal your ideas and descriptions from the Kobold Ninja.

The Kobold Ninja Random List is now available for download from and Download yours today and add some flavor (no pun intended) to your Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

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Pathfinder: The Kobold Ninja Strikes on Monday

“Hey! Put that down Kobold Ninja! You don’t know what that is,” said the alchemist. He was standing infront of the only door out of the laboratory.

The Kobold Ninja gave an amused look to the alchemist. “Pretty. This potion looks like the night’s sky. Even the stars in the bottle look real. I wonder what it smells like.”

The alchemist took a step to the side and said. “I’d put that down if I were you.”

The Kobold Ninja smiled evilly to the alchemist and raised the flask to his nose. “Mmmm. Strawberries. I wonder what it tastes like.”

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” The alchemist had a hint of confidence in his voice that was not there before.

The Kobold Ninja ignored the alchemist’s warning and chugged the whole potion. “Eeeehhhh! Orc Urine! What does this potion do anyways?”

The alchemist said “See Invisibility,” just as all the color from the Kobold Ninja’s vision drained away and the room turned to some shade of silver and grey. Except now in the doorway was a glowing outline of a human or an elf casting a spell. Unfortunately, the Kobold Ninja wasn’t good enough with spells to tell that the spell being cast on him was burning hands until after his scales got singed.


What does your next potion, extract or elixir look, smell and teaste like? Find out on Monday. Get inspired with the Kobold Ninja Random List.