[PFRPG] What Things May Come

There are few things I know for sure. One of those things I do know is that my daughter is 6 years old. For the past two years I’ve been telling myself that I would introduce her to role playing games the summer when she’s six. So this is the summer. I am finishing up my first week of vacation with her and have not done that yet. But then, this week was a vacation with my full family (parents, sister and her family, daughter). So there really hasn’t been time for that. The next two weeks I have her, I’m thinking I’ll either introduce her to hackmaster basic (I need a good excuse to buy it) or to 1e D&D. Something simple and can really spark the imagination for her.

One of the other things I know for sure is that any company that is not growing will eventually die. Expanding my company to create products for PFRPG is a logical step, IMO, for my company. Its definitely going to be a popular system, it holds true to the version of D&D I like best and it’s made by one of my favorite RPG companies. But what should I produce? Joseph Goodman made some excellent points about 4E which affirmed my own thoughts about PFRPG. One cannot simply do the exact same product they did in 3.x days and expect it to sell well. Companies that have their followers can do that, but even they will not be able to simply slap a PFRPG logo on their old products and expect them to sell well. So I’m planning to sit back, relax and watch what avenues are covered well and which need additional support. Heck, it took me a year from the launch of Traveller to put out my first product. I’m not going to rush quality.

So to sum up: will I be doing PFRPG products? Yes. Will I be doing them soon? No. Will I do them when I am confident that I release a quality product, know there is a need for my product, and can do something that has been scarcely seen in 3.x? Yes.

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