[Traveller] I Hate Spiders

Before I write something, I research it. Even if I know what I am talking about, double checking never hurts. Encyclopedias, websites, Colbert Report, you name it. So when I decided to do spiders as my last of the initial five creatures I was offering with the Creatures of Distant Worlds subscription, I went to work.

Mind you, I hate spiders with a passion. Those disgusting little, eight-legged, hairy, fanged horrors that should be classified an abomination give me the hebegebees to no end. And for some reason, every entry I could find on them had a plethera of upclose picture of every possible variation on earth. So I was reading the screen while holding up hands over the pictures.

The net result I believe is well worth the few night of bad dreams I endured. Most of the spiders presented in Creatures of Distant Worlds – Spiders are based on real world spiders. A few are made up. And the remainder I exaggerated to make them more of a threat. I also included rules for spider webs. Since some spiders spin webs for simply providing their prey a place to land vs a sticky web to hold their prey until the spider can come and wrap them up.

Lastly, I want to mention that I will be announcing the next batch of creatures for the next Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription. They have a nice theme holding them together but are still perfect independent of each other. Look to find out more details later this week.

Spiders comes out Thursday for subscribers to download and will be available for individual purchase Monday, 6 July.

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