Late July Update

I’ve been away form the computer for a while. Second vacation with my daughter this summer. In that time, I’ve been thinking and planning much about Traveller. Nothing I can talk about yet since plans are little than a kernal of an idea at the moment. but I think I am ready for the next step. It does however mean a shift in the way I’ve been running the company to date. I haven’t been thrilled with single page releases and I am not sure the market prefers this format either. So after the current run of 5 Creatures of Distant Worlds, that format will be changing. I still have several ideas as to what it will be changing to, but nothing solid yet.

As readers of Creatures of Distant Worlds will undoubtedly know, there is a particular setting in mind when I designed each these. That setting is currently being written. I expect it’ll be released next year. I also plan to goto a con this fall and plan to run the setting’s intro scenario a few times to get some of the bugs worked out. Details, both on the setting itself and which convention, will come once confirmed.

Did I mention I like hot wings?

Pathfinder is still very much on my mind. I purchased alot of stockart. Most of it is fantasy based (that can easily be ported over to sci-fi, but that’s a different matter). Releasing a few Creatures of Distant Worlds style products for Pathfinder (to test the market) is a very tempting idea.

Monday is back to work day and I need to add products to DriveThruRPG, finish up the PDF of the Character Datafile, write Ants…

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